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The efficient removal of suspended solids, phosphorus and oil from wastewater is one of the main problems in the field of industrial wastewater treatment. An intelligent solution of high-speed dissolved air flotation for solid suspension in wastewater. Especially for sea water treatment, the single air floatation treatment capacity can reach more than 1000m3/h, which can be used as a stable pretreatment process.

Strategic partnership with Nijhuis Industries of the Netherlands for high-speed air flotation equipment, including DAF, IPF and GDF air flotation equipment for a variety of occasions. Ingenious design of gas-water mixing, solid-liquid separation, integrated inclined plate sedimentation function in one of the advanced solid-liquid separation equipment.

Technical features:

1. High-efficient removal of suspended solids to ensure high-quality water inflow into the membrane system;

2. Low investment costs: small footprint (70% reduction) , low civil construction costs

3. Low operating cost: low energy consumption (30% reduction) , less chemicals and sludge


Desalination pretreatment

Drinking water preparation

Process water

Sewage Treatment

Industrial Park

Oily wastewater treatment

Phosphorus removal by sewage reaction

Solid-liquid separation and recirculation of sludge instead of biochemical secondary sedimentation tank

Municipal sewage treatment-carbon capture

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