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Low Temperature Vacuum Evaporate

WINNER high-efficiency heat pump vacuum low-temperature evaporator imported from Italy, aimed at high-difficult waste liquid and high-salt waste water, to provide value-added services for customers. Low temperature vacuum evaporator integrated heat pump technology and vacuum technology, integrated design, given evaporator evaporation temperature 35-40 °C, for customers to provide waste liquid reduction (10-15% concentrated liquid) and zero emissions (crystallization) services. Reduce the cost of disposal for customers. The low temperature vacuum evaporator is easy to install and maintain because of the integration of modules. At the same time, the integrated design makes it have the characteristics of small floor space.


Metal processing industry cutting fluid emulsion treatment;

Development fixing wastewater treatment;

Treatment of high concentrated waste liquid from electronic plating;

Treatment of high salinity wastewater.

Equipment features:

Fully automatic, continuous operation;

Processing Capacity 50L/D-30000L/d;

Integrated heat pump evaporation and solidification or waste heat recovery technology;

Vacuum design, low temperature 35-60 °C operation;

Standard PVC pipe or stainless steel AISI316L;

Special material adopts dual-phase steel or alloy to improve corrosion resistance;

Vibration sensor and analog sensor level control;

Small footprint;

Simple Maintenance and management

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