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Business Scope


WINNER Screw Press Sludge Dehydrator imported from Europe focuses on industrial sludge dehydrations, including biochemical sludge dehydrations. Based on the principle of Screw Press, NSP sludge dehydrator can obtain high solid content of sludge cake and less impurity of filtrate, which can greatly reduce the volume of sludge and reduce the disposal cost for customers. The NSP sludge dehydrator is easy to install and maintain in the sludge dehydrating system because of the integration of modules and components.


Industrial Sector

Physicochemical sludge and biochemical sludge

New construction or renovation of Sewage Treatment

Equipment Characteristics

Solution of sludge dewatering with high performance-cost ratio

No need to deal with dehydration

After sludge reduction, the solid content can reach more than 20%

Solid retention > 95% , reduce the cost of filtrate treatment

Self cleaning system

Small footprint

Low dosage and low energy consumption in operation

Simple Maintenance and management

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